How to Make it Online Rendering Bulk SMS Service Delivery

SMS in Nigeria and Diapora is a big win in the mobile phone industry today. People love text messaging as much as the money earned by those working in the text messaging industry. According to, over 15 billion text messages are sent to Nigeria every year. The number continues to grow as the country’s tele-density reaches 60 and 70 million subscribers to text messages. And because people love text messages for both sending and receiving, it has become one of the most powerful forms of market plateaus in the world after the Internet.

Now, not only ordinary subscribers love text messaging, but also large, powerful companies that use text messaging as a marketing tool to reach millions of phone subscribers faster, cheaper, and directly with their customers. Thanks to online mass messaging tools, hundreds of GSM subscribers can now be reached with the same message at the push of a button. This saves time and business resources that are typically wasted on old and traditional advertising methods. For this discovery, hundreds of millions of Naira would be spent by small, medium, and large companies on advertising, marketing, and SMS advertising. In addition to the popularity of SMS as a faster, cheaper and more personal advertising medium, it has several uses in every company. In fact, any company that wants to patronize its customers must use a mass messaging service. Regular advertising like the newspaper takes time to reach consumers, and sometimes audiences may not even see your advertising. However, the SMS arrives directly on their phones and reads them immediately, while some may even call you back for more information.

And with most of the Internet, text messages are becoming even more useful as companies can tag their text messages with their names so that consumers can read them immediately when they are received. The Internet also makes it easy to wholesale bulk SMS to your customers in all parts of the country. The service works as if it opened an email account with Yahoo. You open these accounts for your customers with all services for sending bulk SMS. Once they have registered with you, they will be your customers for as long as the relationship continues.

The question now is what’s in it for me. How can I benefit from it? How can I earn from all of this? What is the market perspective for a sustainable investment? What is the return on investment? And while you’re juggling these questions, take a look at a company with all the mega-profit possibilities and that’s the SMS wholesale service. I call it the business for the “ordinary” man. If you were looking for an online business that you can use to make regular money, I recommend running an SMS wholesale business. Trust me, it’s a bomb to make money on the Internet.

Market potential

The market potential is enormous, it is determined by the basic number of subscribers in the country. According to the 2006 census, we are now targeting 70 million subscribers with 140 million residents. Imagine you’ve grown in the past two years. So the numbers keep growing and in this way the market potential continues to increase so you earn more.

Your potential profit

Mass SMS activities are volume-based activities with greater benefits for the growing customer base. As a bulk SMS wholesaler, you have a platform that allows you to retain your customers as soon as they have registered with you. They have to stay with you by buying SMS from you regularly. And with the current step, if you only registered 1,000 customers and each of them can only buy 5,000 SMS per month, this equates to N5, millions of earnings, but your profit could be between N500,000 and N, N 1 million per Month. Good deal, isn’t it?

Competitive and marketing challenges

Don’t think that others can cross their hands and only see you who are wholesale SMS retailers. Certainly not! You have to face the competition like in any other business. At the very least, you should know that you are not the only one currently reading this step-by-step guide. However, the secret of the competition is to market yourself so that you seem to be the only one who offers these services. Yes! This is what you need to do. One way to do this is to find out who your target market is and the device strategies to keep bombarding them with your offering

if everyone who requested your service did not register with you. Here is my
Step-by-step guide to selling bulk SMS online! Follow it religiously and you will never make mistakes.

A personalized text message from research is one of the laziest ways to make money in Nigeria without capital requirements, and there are plenty of options in this area.

Here is your chance to lock up now!

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