Benefits Of Online Texting

Text messaging is part of our daily life – take a look at your employees going to work in the morning and you will see how long it takes us to communicate with friends and family. But if the buttons aren’t too fast or you don’t like what Prediction Text does to your messages, there is an alternative.

Online text messages are an easy way to send bulk messages to multiple people at the same time. It is practical, saves time and money as it is cheaper and easier to send messages from a computer than from a mobile device.

But where online text messaging really comes into play is corporate advertising and advertising campaigns. A comprehensive online SMS service offers special functions that enable you to get into your customers’ pockets in a unique and convenient way.

In contrast to normal text messages with mobile phones, you cannot send all the messages you want from the computer to several recipients at the same time. All these functions are very easy to use and offer an excellent ROI compared to SMS on the phone.

Send bulk text messages and avoid delays

With an online SMS service, you can send individual messages to individual users or bulk SMS to a selected group of recipients. By providing text messages online from your computer, you can be sure that they will be delivered on time.

This is never guaranteed for SMS messages sent by mobile phones and where messages can be delayed or even lost. However, if you send a text message from an online source such as a computer, the SMS is immediately distributed and sent directly to the recipient.

This is particularly useful if you use email or text for marketing campaigns where you often have to communicate with your customers, or if you have multiple transactions, e.g. B. Vouchers or urgent offers.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 40% of consumers are interested in mobile vouchers, and mobile vouchers are redeemed ten times more than traditional vouchers.

Run your mobile campaign from your browser

Typing on a PC or laptop is much easier than using a phone. You can also access icons that are not available on a phone, so you can keep your message short and to the point without losing its meaning.

You can also customize your campaign to meet the needs of mobile device users and use the bulk SMS feature to target multiple customers. Campaigns often take longer than a message. So why not set up a recurring message program designed for information and urgent offers?

All your customers’ replies to your messages are automatically forwarded to your online SMS inbox. This separates them from your regular emails and you can control how many replies you get.

If you haven’t contributed to mobile advertising yet, you can try now, as mobile advertising is expected to decrease from £ 43.9 billion in 2012 to £ 83.2 billion. Billions of cheap international SMS messages in 2017

Send international news and save money

One of the biggest advantages of online messages is the low cost of sending international text messages.

You can use an SMS email service and all email sent from your inbox will be sent to any mobile device in the world.
Alternatively, you can use the web-to-SMS service to send messages online.

You only pay for what you send, there are no monthly packages and your credits never expire. This is one of the most convenient ways to manage an international campaign.


How effective is your campaign? Well, online messaging services also offer reporting features that are not available with mobile SMS.

The reports give you an overview of:

  • Use
  • Results of the campaign.
  • delivery quality
  • response rates
  • Other useful statistics to manage your campaign more effectively

If something doesn’t work, you can quickly change it, minimize losses and maximize the chance of a positive outcome. It’s also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always access the online reporting interface to check that all messages have been delivered and to measure the success of your campaigns.

Online SMS are convenient, flexible and designed to deliver great results. Therefore, several companies use it to establish themselves

Make a direct comparison with other methods in an impossible way

loyalty to your customers. Representative

It has an excellent ROI and puts it at the forefront of campaign management and advertising.

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